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Kraken Onion is the main darknet site for today

It is best to use a personal computer to log into Kraken that is not used by other family members or friends. It is completely unclear how another person will react to your activity. On your PC, all programs that can block your attempts to access the Darknet should be disabled - anti-virus protection, ad blocker and others. Also, before entering the website, you need to close all tabs that contain your personal data or the data of your cards and accounts. When all these manipulations are completed, go to the official website of the TOP search engine and download it to your PC. It's not difficult and absolutely safe. Now we insert a link to Kraken or to its mirror kraken2trfqodidvlh4aa337cpzfrhdlfldhve5nf7njhumwr7instad.onion into a secure browser and go to the trading platform. You will see a page with a captcha - protection against robots. We go through it and proceed to registering a personal account.


As you already understand, you can only access the website using the secure TOP browser. This means you need to find it in the app store of your device. For Android it’s Google Play, for iOS it’s Apstore. Install TOP on your device and insert it into it search bar link We go through it and go through registration. Now, in order to become a full-fledged member of Kraken, you need to top up your personal Bitcoin wallet. You can do this in one of two convenient ways - transfer money from your other electronic wallet or resort to the services of exchangers that work on Kraken.